Radiology Practical Technologist

What does a Practical Technologist in Radiology (Limited Scope) X-Ray Technician do?

The Practical Technologist in Radiology (Limited Scope) X-Ray Technician plays an important role as a member of the health care team in a physicians office or clinic. Their main responsibilities include positioning the hand, chest, wrist, elbow, forearm, knee, foot or ankle in preparation for an x-ray.

In addition to being qualified to provide their x-ray services, the graduate is also qualified to act as a technical assistant by being qualified to perform venipuncture, electrocardiograms, routine laboratory tests, urinalysis, injections, electrocardiography, x-ray film processing, and related back office patient care procedures.

Responsibilities listed for a Practical Technologist in Radiology (Limited Scope) are not the same as the responsibilities of a Radiologic Technologist (RT). An RT (who must be ARRT certified) is different in that the RT is allowed to perform other duties, such as x-raying the abdomen.

A Practical Technologist in Radiology Limited Scope is not enabled to perform these expanded duties, nor are they offered ARRT certification.

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